We have extensive football software tutorials so you can learn how to effectively use Coach’s Office.

Dashboard: Programs & Add-Ons

This tutorial explains how to open the Coach’s Office software programs and gives a brief description of each program.
Play Video

Chalkboard: Draw Plays

Introduction – all plays start with the chalkboard (Time 1:54) Play Video

Offense (Time 3:11) Play Video

Save and delete (Time 2:09) Play Video

Working with file names (Time 2:39) Play Video

Defense: fronts & coverages (Time 2:20) Play Video

Drawing tools intro (Time 0:59) Play Video

Predefined routes (Time 2:39) Play Video

Connect-the-dot routes (Time 2:46) Play Video

Complex routes (Time 1:13) Play Video

Editing tools (Time 3:03) Play Video

Drawing blocks (Time 3:41) Play Video

3 independent files – offense, front, coverage (Time 0:52) Play Video

Change player font (Time 1:11) Play Video

Flip offense and defense (Time 0:55) Play Video

Print a single play card (Time 1:56) Play Video

Chalkboard: 12-Man Canadian Football

Creating an offense and defense for 12-man Canadian football is easy with these simple instructions. Canadian-12-Man-Football

Chalkboard & Playbook: Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn to copy/paste routes, rotate blocks, zoom in on play box, position plays in play box, resize and move text box. chalkboard-Keyboard-Shortcuts

Playbook: Quick Start Tutorials

These tutorials cover the basic functions of the playbook and will get you started quickly. There are additional tutorials for tables, chapters, more.

Introduction (Time 1:39) Play Video

Chapters and pages (Time 1:25) Play Video

Define boxes and name page (Time 2:49) Play Video

Enter plays on page and edit them (Time 2:54) Play Video

“W” tool – word processing text (Time 1:35) Play Video

Print (Time 1:45) Play Video

Playbook: Additional Features

Change the box type – play box & Word box (Time 1:39) Play Video

Increase size of play inside box – zoom (Time 4:48) Play Video

Text box part 1 – “T” tool; place floating text box over a play box (Time 5:04) Play Video

Text box part 2 – manage multiple text boxes over plays (Time 2:02) Play Video

Playbook: Wristbands

Define the sheets to be inserted into player wristband (Time 5:27) Play Video

Create your own customized wristbands using the table function (Time 3:01) Play Video
Note: The customize video is a good example of how to use the table function and word processing.

Print wristbands (Time 0:37) Play Video

Playbook: Tables

Create multi-purpose tables right in your playbook. Playbook-tables

Playbook: Move Pages & Chapters

Learn how to use the Playbook Utility to move pages and chapters. Playbook-Move-Pages-Chapters

Playbook: Print to PDF

Print your playbook pages to a PDF and distribute electronically, print on another computer, or display on an iPad. Print-to-PDF

Playbook: Custom Templates

Now included in both pro and youth versions.

Introduction –  tool bar and create methods (Time 1:51) Play Video

Insert Template Method – create a new template (Time 3:40) Play Video

Importance of saving templates to the master playbook list and how to do it (Time 0:16) Play Video

Copy & Paste Method – how to copy an existing template to make a duplicate and customize it  (Time 2:24) Play Video

Reverting to the Original – before the file is saved (Time 0:50) Play Video

Coloring a Box Outline – color the outline of a box or multiple boxes to highlight information (Time 2:12) Play Video

Removing a Box or Template – remove a box or entire template (Time 0:48) Play Video

Return to the Playbook – impact of saving the edits; return to the playbook and view templates (Time 0:25) Play Video

Create a custom template for SlideShow presentations. PDF

This doc is similar to the collection of videos, plus it includes an additional section on custom presentation templates. Playbook-Template-Builder

Script: Play Cards

Introduction –  tool bar, fields on script spreadsheet   (Time 1:54) Play Video

Define the schedule – how to create the daily schedule (Time 4:17) Play Video

Create a New Week – based on the defined schedule (Time 2:01) Play Video

The Practice Script – complete the entire week’s practice script (Time 2:46) Play Video

Edit a Play: The Chalkboard – edit the play in the script play box by going to the chalkboard  (Time1:10) Play Video

Select Week – choose a different week (Time 0:22) Play Video

Select Plays In Week – how to script practice for each day and not entire week (Time 1:37) Play Video

Edit the Practice Script – make changes; focus on rows and columns (Time 4:02) Play Video

Remove Week – permanently delete weeks (Time 1:47) Play Video

Print Scripts & Play Cards – multiple print options; slideshow on your computer (Time 5:11) Play Video

SlideShow Presentations

This tutorial gives instructions on creating and showing a slideshow presentation of the playbook. (The SlideShow is an add-on.) The presentation is created in the playbook and shown in the slideshow (in Coach’s Office). SlideShow

SlideShow & Playbook: Plays to Hudl

Use the slideshow ACI to save pages and/or plays in the playbook to Hudl. (The SlideShow is an add-on.) SlideShow-Plays-Hudl

Back Up and Restore Utility

Keep an external backup of your Coach’s Office database: chalkboard, playbook (with wristbands, custom templates), script. Utility-back-up-restore