We have extensive football software tutorials so you can learn how to effectively use Coach’s Office.

Dashboard: Programs & Add-Ons

This tutorial explains how to open the Coach’s Office software programs and gives a brief description of each program.
Play Video

Chalkboard: Draw Plays

Introduction – all plays start with the chalkboard (Time 1:54) Play Video

Offense (Time 3:11) Play Video

Save and delete (Time 2:09) Play Video

Working with file names (Time 2:39) Play Video

Defense: fronts & coverages (Time 2:20) Play Video

Drawing tools intro (Time 0:59) Play Video

Predefined routes (Time 2:39) Play Video

Connect-the-dot routes (Time 2:46) Play Video

Complex routes (Time 1:13) Play Video

Editing tools (Time 3:03) Play Video

Drawing blocks (Time 3:41) Play Video

3 independent files – offense, front, coverage (Time 0:52) Play Video

Change player font (Time 1:11) Play Video

Flip offense and defense (Time 0:55) Play Video

Print a single play card (Time 1:56) Play Video

Leader in sophisticated coaching software

Coaches Quotes: Recommends Coach's Office for Football GM and Scouting

As the game of football continues to evolve with technology, students who learn to use Coach’s Office will be ahead of their competition. We require our ‘Football GM and Scouting’ students learn Coach’s Office, as it is the leader in sophisticated coaching software.

Dr. G. Lynn Lashbrook
President, Sports Management WorldWide

Chalkboard: 12-Man Canadian Football

Creating an offense and defense for 12-man Canadian football is easy with these simple instructions. Canadian-12-Man-Football

Chalkboard: Passing Tree

Introduction – show finished, complex passing tree and explain how to draw it  (Time 1:52) Play Video

Draw routes – draw routes in the chalkboard  (Time 5:24) Play Video

Add text – add numbers, names, and descriptions in the playbook  (Time 1:44) Play Video

Tables – add text descriptions in a playbook table; good tutorial on how to create tables (Time 3:18) Play Video

Chalkboard & Playbook: Keyboard Shortcuts

Learn to copy/paste routes, rotate blocks, zoom in on play box, position plays in play box, resize and move text box. chalkboard-Keyboard-Shortcuts

Playbook: Quick Start Tutorials

These tutorials cover the basic functions of the playbook and will get you started quickly. There are additional tutorials for tables, chapters, more.

Introduction (Time 1:39) Play Video

Chapters and pages (Time 1:25) Play Video

Define boxes and name page (Time 2:49) Play Video

Enter plays on page and edit them (Time 2:54) Play Video

“W” tool – word processing text (Time 1:35) Play Video

Print (Time 1:45) Play Video

Playbook: Additional Features

Change the box type – play box & Word box (Time 1:39) Play Video

Increase size of play inside box – zoom (Time 4:48) Play Video

Text box part 1 – “T” tool; place floating text box over a play box (Time 5:04) Play Video

Text box part 2 – manage multiple text boxes over plays (Time 2:02) Play Video

Playbook: Wristbands

Define the sheets to be inserted into player wristband (Time 5:27) Play Video

Create your own customized wristbands using the table function (Time 3:01) Play Video
Note: The customize video is a good example of how to use the table function and word processing.

Print wristbands (Time 0:37) Play Video

Playbook: Tables

In addition to the PDF below, there are two videos that have good examples of creating and editing tables.

  • The Chalkboard: Passing Tree “tables” video. (Last video in that section.)
  • The second video in the Playbook: Wristbands section.

Create multi-purpose tables right in your playbook. Playbook-tables

Playbook: Move Pages & Chapters

Learn how to use the Playbook Utility to move pages and chapters. Playbook-Move-Pages-Chapters

Playbook: Print to PDF

Print your playbook pages to a PDF and distribute electronically, print on another computer, or display on an iPad. Print-to-PDF

Saves countless hours

Coaches Quotes: Coach's Office is a tremendous help to me and staff

Since 2004, the Coach’s Office software program has been a tremendous help to me and our staff. Both the Playbook and Script have saved us countless hours of preparation on a weekly basis. I would highly recommend Coach’s Office to any staff or program.

Joe Verria
Def. Coordinator, Bridgewater State University, MA

Playbook: Custom Templates

Now included in both pro and youth versions.

Introduction –  tool bar and create methods (Time 1:51) Play Video

Insert Template Method – create a new template (Time 3:40) Play Video

Importance of saving templates to the master playbook list and how to do it (Time 0:16) Play Video

Copy & Paste Method – how to copy an existing template to make a duplicate and customize it  (Time 2:24) Play Video

Reverting to the Original – before the file is saved (Time 0:50) Play Video

Coloring a Box Outline – color the outline of a box or multiple boxes to highlight information (Time 2:12) Play Video

Removing a Box or Template – remove a box or entire template (Time 0:48) Play Video

Return to the Playbook – impact of saving the edits; return to the playbook and view templates (Time 0:25) Play Video

Create a custom template for SlideShow presentations. PDF

This doc is similar to the collection of videos, plus it includes an additional section on custom presentation templates. Playbook-Template-Builder

Script: Play Cards

Introduction –  tool bar, fields on script spreadsheet   (Time 1:54) Play Video

Define the schedule – how to create the daily schedule (Time 4:17) Play Video

Create a New Week – based on the defined schedule (Time 2:01) Play Video

The Practice Script – complete the entire week’s practice script (Time 2:46) Play Video

Edit a Play: The Chalkboard – edit the play in the script play box by going to the chalkboard  (Time1:10) Play Video

Select Week – choose a different week (Time 0:22) Play Video

Select Plays In Week – how to script practice for each day and not entire week (Time 1:37) Play Video

Edit the Practice Script – make changes; focus on rows and columns (Time 4:02) Play Video

Remove Week – permanently delete weeks (Time 1:47) Play Video

Print Scripts & Play Cards – multiple print options; slideshow on your computer (Time 5:11) Play Video

SlideShow Presentations

This tutorial gives instructions on creating and showing a slideshow presentation of the playbook. (The SlideShow is an add-on.) The presentation is created in the playbook and shown in the slideshow (in Coach’s Office). SlideShow

SlideShow & Playbook: Plays to Hudl

Use the slideshow ACI to save pages and/or plays in the playbook to Hudl. (The SlideShow is an add-on.) SlideShow-Plays-Hudl

Back Up and Restore Utility

Keep an external backup of your Coach’s Office database: chalkboard, playbook (with wristbands, custom templates), script. Utility-back-up-restore