playbook presentation - draw on playbook slides

Football Playbook Presentation

A playbook presentation is an excellent training tool for your players. Simply create a presentation in Coach’s Office playbook and display it on a screen or overhead projector. Use a telestrator-like chalk tool to draw on the plays – in color. You can make notes, draw over routes, and point out key aspects of the play.

One of our coaches says, “We compile our game plan and share it with the players using the slideshow component, which is like having a dry erase board on the wall. ” Vince Kehres, Mount Union College

Multiple Presentation Options: Computer, Hudl

The slideshow and playbook work together, so they can offer multiple presentation solutions for training players and speaking engagements. For other solutions, the slideshow can save pages and plays as images to use with other applications.

Train players through playbook presentation

Coach's Office Plays to Hudl

The slideshow (add-on) ACI feature in the playbook can save entire pages and individual plays as images in a format to upload to Hudl Gold or Platinum.

Add-On Program

The SlideShow is an add-on program and purchased separately from the playbook. (Buy)

iPad Presentations

Note: To display the playbook pages on your iPad, the slideshow is not required. (See tutorial Playbook: Print to PDF.)

Learn How to Use the Coach's Office SlideShow

It is easy to create a playbook presentation. In the playbook, add a presentation chapter, add pages, and put in the formations and plays. Then open the slideshow and choose the presentation chapter from the playbook table of contents. That’s it!

Learn more about the SlideShow and how to get the most out of it. (Tutorials)