Coaching tool

Multiple Presentation Options

The Coach's Office slideshow (add-on) and playbook programs offer multiple presentation solutions for training players and for speaking engagements. The slideshow works directly with the Coach's Office playbook for presentations on your PC. For other solutions, the slideshow program activates a playbook feature named Application Compatible Images (ACI) to save pages and plays as images to use with other applications. 


Coach's Office Plays to Hudl

The slideshow ACI feature (add-on) in the playbook allows you to save entire pages and individual plays as images in a format to upload to Hudl Gold or Platinum.

Football Playbook Presentation


Those familiar with PowerPoint will like how the slideshow program lets a coach display plays on a screen or an overhead projector and use a telestrator- like chalk tool to make notes, adjust lines, and draw attention to various aspects of the play.

iPad Presentations

If you'd like to display the playbook pages on your iPad, the slideshow is not required. (See tutorials Playbook: Print to PDF.)