Coach's Office Minimum System Requirements

These are the system requirements to run Coach’s Office chalkboard drawing, playbook, and practice script.

System Requirements Coach's Office Software
  • Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, XP on a PC, laptop (not a tablet)
  • Mac with Microsoft Windows plus Parallels or Apple Boot Camp
  • 2 gig RAM
  • 100mb hard disk space
  • Computer language set to English (Learn more)

Coach’s Office football software does not run on a tablet, iPad, or mobile device.

Requirements to Back Up Databases

We recommend that you create an external backup of the database files created in the chalkboard, playbook, and script. Actually, it can be critical in case of a hard drive crash or system virus if you want to restore your Coach’s Office files. For example, keep a current back up on a USB flash drive or network drive. (Read more)