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Mater Dei H.S. #1 in Nation 2017, 2018

Coaches Quotes: The Chalkboard, Playbook, and Script are user friendly and have helped our staff in time management and productivity.

I have been using Coach’s Office since 2006. This software program is the most efficient product that I have seen or used. The Chalkboard, Playbook, and Script Sections are very user friendly and have helped our staff tremendously in the areas of time management and productivity.

Dave Money
OC & QB Coach, Mater Dei H.S., Santa Ana, CA

Kevin Wilson – Cut our practice prep time by 70%

Coaches Quotes: Coach's Office software cut our practice preparation time by 70%

I started using the drawing, scripting, and practice card features of Coach’s Office in 1997. It cut our practice preparation time by 70%, giving us more time to view video and work with our players.

Kevin Wilson
OC, TE Coach, Ohio State

Invaluable and incredibly time saving

Coach's Office is invaluable and incredibly time saving

I have been around it since 2003, and it has been one of the most critical tools in the preparation process for me. Having easy access to formations, plays, defensive calls, etc. has been invaluable and incredibly time saving in my weekly preparation. The support from the Coach’s Office staff has been terrific – thanks for all that you do.

Tim Cooper
Defensive Coordinator, University of Indianapolis

Don’t know what I’d do without it

Don’t know what I’d do without it. Football software user since 2002.

I have been using Coach’s Office since 2002. Don’t know what I would do without it. Keeps me organized, keeps all variations of defensive calls at my finger tips. (Defensive Coordinator, Michigan State)

Pat Narduzzi
Head Coach, Pitt

Leader in sophisticated coaching software

Coaches Quotes: Recommends Coach's Office for Football GM and Scouting

If you are interested in working in professional football, Coach’s Office cutting-edge technology will take what you already know about the game of football and advance it to a new level. As the game of football continues to evolve with technology, students who learn to use Coach’s Office will be ahead of their competition. We require our ‘Football GM and Scouting’ students learn Coach’s Office, as it is the leader in sophisticated coaching software.

Dr. G. Lynn Lashbrook
President, Sports Management WorldWide

I’m a Techno-Idiot

Coaches Quotes: Coach's Office is a great coaching tool.

I can’t say enough about Coach’s Office. Take it from me, I’m a “techno-idiot,” and I can operate this software. There cannot be a simpler, easier to use program than Coach’s Office. It is a great product. tonydemeo.com

Tony DeMeo
Coach's Office user since 2013; publisher of books and DVDs

My linemen are smarter

Coaches Quotes: More effective teacher in the classroom and my linemen are smarter on the football field.

In my opinion, Coach’s Office has no equal. It has allowed me to become a more effective teacher in the classroom and my linemen are smarter on the field because of it. I was able to present the playbook, created in Coach’s Office, to my offensive line using the slideshow. I don’t even want to remember how I used to do things. I can honestly say that coaches can also feel confident that they are not only purchasing a great product but a great relationship/partnership with phenomenal technical support that is second to none.

John Lizak
Asst. Coach, Offensive Line, University of Chicago

You will be a better coach

Coaches Quotes: You will be a better football coach

Bottom line: Coach’s Office saves you time. Pre-season, you can create a playbook quickly using powerful drawing tools and pre-made templates. During the season, you can script and get cards drawn in minutes, allowing you to watch that play the 4th or 5th time and really get inside your opponent, as opposed to just seeing it once or twice. You will be a better coach and your team will be a better team because of this. As good as the program is, in my opinion, the reason to get this software is the outstanding Tech Support. Coach’s Office user since 2002.

John Lindley
Linebacker Coach, Hillsdale College, MI

NFL – Totally comprehensive

Coaches Quotes: Save time and energy with Coach's Office playbook software

Interested in using Coaches Office – DO IT!!! It is totally comprehensive for practice and game preparation. You can have all your cards, scripts, QB wristbands, you name it! Thanks, Stan, for your support throughout all the years!

Steve Hagen
NFL retired, NY Jets

Lowered my golf handicap to 1

Coaches Quotes: Coach's Office football software is worth the price

With the addition of Coach’s Office, our practices and game preparations have gone to another level. I’ve been using Coach’s Office for years and my golf handicap has gone from 12 to 1. That’s worth the price of the software alone.

Dom Damico
Coach's Office User Since 2000

H.S. Hall of Fame – Best software

Coach's Office is the best football software program I have ever been associated with.

This is the best software program I have ever been associated with. It has truly made a difference in our preparation quality and time management.

Steve Savarese
Inducted into High School Sports Hall of Fame 2010, Exec. Dir. Alabama High School Athletic Association

Winningest Football Coach – Valuable

Coaches Quotes: Coach's Office is valuable part of daily football practice prep

I use Coach’s Office every day during the season. The script that can produce play cards is easy to use and saves me a lot of time. Coach’s Office is a valuable part of my daily practice preparation. (Moravian College’s winningest football coach.)

Scot Dapp
Moravian College, Dir. Athletics and Recreation, retired

Saves countless hours

Coaches Quotes: Coach's Office is a tremendous help to me and staff

Since 2004, the Coach’s Office software program has been a tremendous help to me and our staff. Both the Playbook and Script have saved us countless hours of preparation on a weekly basis. I would highly recommend Coach’s Office to any staff or program.

Joe Verria
Def. Coordinator, Bridgewater State University, MA

Germany – Saves time

Coaches Quotes: Coach's Office Football Software Saves Time

We won 28-21 in the last minute of the German Bowl game … our first season using Coach’s Office for the offense, and I know it was a key element in our preparation each week. It saves time and is easy to use!
(American Football Int. 2019 says Coach Rowland is “…an offensive specialist and coached many of Europe’s top players.”)

Lee Rowland
Offensive Coordinator - Hildesheim Invaders, Germany

Use my time more efficiently

Coaches Quotes: Coach's Office helps me use time more efficiently

I first used Coach’s Office at the University of Cincinnati and have never stopped. As an assistant coach or head football coach at any level, it has enabled me to prepare and use my time more efficiently without sacrificing attention to detail. The chalkboard, playbook, scripting, and wristband features have brought a complete method to tie everything together.

Phil Dorn
Offensive Coordinator, Fort Walton Beach

Outstanding program

Coaches Quotes: We've been using Coach's Office practice script software since 2001.

We’ve been using Coach’s Office since 2001. What an outstanding program. We are more prepared and efficient for practices using the weekly scheduler, creating scripts, and drawing play cards. In addition, it has helped us compile our football notebook in a very professional-looking format. Equally important is the outstanding technical support that is always available.

Ted Ginn Sr.
Head Coach, Glenville High School, OH

Germany – Preparing for practice becomes easier

Coaches Quotes: German coach says football software saves him time.

In Europe, where a lot of coaches are part-time coaches, the software helps to save a huge amount of time. Preparing for practice becomes easier and faster. But at the same time, it is planned out to the smallest detail. The connection of all of its components makes it so special.

Wanja Müller
QB Coach, Berlin Adler GFL, Germany

CFL – Excellent tool

Coach's Office is an excellent football software coaching tool.

Coach’s Office has been an excellent tool for our football team. This is a user friendly program that has been instrumental in our preparation. Thanks to Coach’s Office for their continued technical support and service.

Marcel Bellefeuille

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  • “Allows us to spend more time watching film.” Shane Montgomery
  • “We compile our game plan and share it with the players using the slideshow component. It’s like having a dry erase board on the wall.” Vince Kehres, Mount Union College
  • “We give the players scripts and the plays already drawn up each morning prior to practice.” Troy Everhart, Army
  • “In New Mexico, we use Coach’s Office football software extensively to prepare daily practice cards and scripts, weekly scouting reports, and our playbook.” Brent Jaquess
  • “Smarter players are more explosive players.” Robert Weiner