Create Practice Scripts and Play Cards

Never draw play cards by hand again! Save hours of drawing play cards by printing them from your script. You’ve already drawn the formations and plays in the Coach’s Office chalkboard. Now use them in the script. The Coach’s Office Pro Bundle includes the script software.


Coach’s Office pioneered the concept of integrating a spreadsheet-style script with play cards, because most coaches are familiar with using spreadsheets. Catalog, schedule, print, and review the plays that you run in practice.

  • Enter the plays and formations from a drop down list. (This is the list from the plays and formations in the chalkboard that you’ve already created.)
  • Print play cards (scout cards) directly from the practice script.
  • Print 2, 4, 8, 15, or 32 plays per page from the practice script.
  • Define any combination of plays per page and orientation of the page (portrait/landscape).
  • Define practice schedule for each week.
  • Print the script and plays for the game plan.
  • Add, insert, and delete rows from the script.

Entering Script

  • Enter the practice script into a spreadsheet format like the example shown below.
  • No need to type in the formations, because you saved the names in the chalkboard. Simply select them from a drop-down list like the ones in the chalkboard.
  • Print play cards and game plan from the practice script each day.

Preview Plays

Double click a line to display the entered formations.

Print Options

  • The script has many print options, because coaches have a variety of print requirements.
  • Print the script and play cards for each day right from the script.
  • Choose to print 2 to 32 plays per page.
  • Print a distribution of the offense, front, and coverage to show the number of times a formation is used.

Learn How to Use Coach's Office

We have extensive script video tutorials to help you get the most out of the practice script program.