Support Maintenance Renewal

Software License Protected

Coach’s Office software comes with a 12-month warranty for free technical support and same-version software updates. After that, you can purchase a 12-month maintenance renewal agreement for each computer license. Purchase only when you need it. If your version is no longer available, we offer upgrade paths to the latest version.

Renew the tech support maintenance renewal agreement if you:

  • Need a replacement key or an entire re-installation on the same computer (limit one per install license)
  • Need technical assistance, because something changed on your computer. (i.e. virus or Windows system upgrade)
  • Have a problem due to changes on your computer via Microsoft automatic updates, more

Many of our software license holders – specifically schools and booster clubs – have asked us to increase the security on who is using their software licenses and purchasing maintenance renewal agreements and additional licenses. Coach’s Office protects our customers’ software licenses.

  • Software license is not transferable to another person or company.

Renewal and Update Order Requirements

For the protection of our licensed holders, we only accept maintenance renewal orders from the license holder, with the registered software serial number and email address. If the registered owner is a high school, university, other school affiliation (clubs), or pro team, we accept the order through company credit card, PO, or check. The order requires a company email, because we email the receipt and download information to the license holder’s email.

Technical Support

Technical support: Coach's Office uses Join Me

Coach’s Office uses Join.Me to give you and your coaches an online demo. Call us to make an appointment. 352.897.4271 EST

We can also look at your computer screen to resolve tech support questions. However, most support questions are answered with a simple email or call.

Still have questions? Review our extensive video and PDF tutorials.

Our Coaches Experiences

“The support on this software is outstanding.” Kevin Wilson, Ohio State

“Thanks, Stan, for all your additional support throughout the years!” Steve Hagen, retired NFL

“The support from the Coach’s Office staff has been terrific – thanks for all that you do.” Tim Cooper, Butler University

“As good as the program is, in my opinion, the reason to get this software is the outstanding Tech Support.” Joe Lindley, Hillsdale College

“I would also like to say thanks to Coach’s Office for their continued technical support and service.” Marcel Bellefeuille, CFL