Print to PDF

Distribute a PDF Playbook or Display on iPad

Show Playbook on iPad

We get enough questions about printing the playbook to a PDF that we added a quick outline here under Support. For more details, see Print to PDF in the Tutorials page in the playbook section.

Print the playbook to a PDF printer driver and distribute your playbook electronically to players and coaches, print on a different computer, and display on an iPad.

    • Install a PDF driver and, if using PDF995, install their Converter.
    • In the playbook, click the print tool.
    • Click Printer Setup and select the PDF driver.
    • Enter and print the page range.
    • The PDF is saved.
    • The PDF file can be distributed electronically or printed on another computer.
    • To display on the iPad, copy the PDF to your iPad Dropbox and select it to view.

For your convenience, the Coach's Office software install includes a trial version PDF application in the Coach's Office folder. Double click to install it. You will also need to go to their site to download the Converter. The application can be used free (with ads) or purchased from the manufacturer for $9.95. Coach's Office is not affiliated with the software company and does not assume any responsibility, liability, or support of their product.