The Coach’s Office football playbook software lets you produce a playbook by using real book features: multiple pages and chapters; table of contents; full word processing capabilities, with tables, fonts, text colors; and page templates. You can also create and print quarterback wristbands, as well as print the book to PDF for electronic distribution.


  • Plays automatically resize to fit boxes on page
  • Full word processing: tables, built-in spell checker, colors, formatting
  • Create and print wristbands; predefined set included
  • Print pages and plays to PDF to distribute electronically and display on iPad
  • With SlideShow (add-on), save pages and plays for Hudl
  • Zoom to full screen for easy viewing and editing
  • Use pre-defined page templates or customize them
  • Copy/paste graphics or text from other applications
  • Print table of contents for the complete book or individual chapters

Add plays to playbook play box and they resize automatically to fit

Word Processing, Tables, More

The playbook has full word processing features – great for descriptions and instructions.

  • Font features – list of fonts, sizes, font weights (bold, italic, underline), text alignment, numbered list or bulleted list, tabs.
  • Insert tables and define rows, columns, borders, background colors, printable grid. Add text and define the font attributes.
  • Compatible with other applications – graphics programs, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, more. Copy and paste from other applications and paste into a “word” box.

Table of Contents & Page Layout

Easily add or remove chapters and pages. Navigate by expanding the table of contents list of chapters and pages (left column) and displaying the active page (right column). Add plays that were created in the chalkboard and they size automatically.

Add plays to the playbook that were created in the chalkboard and they size automatically.


Don’t print wristbands from a spreadsheet program! Instead of laying out wristbands in a spreadsheet and typing the play names each time, use the wristband feature in the playbook. You’ve already entered play and formation names into the chalkboard list – in the offense, front, and coverage drop-down boxes.

Coach’s Office has a Show Formations drop down list feature for adding play names to a table. We developed it to make creating wristbands a snap. There are wristband layouts (templates) included that you can use or modify to fit your wristband window. You can also create your own. (Learn more: wristband tutorial in the Playbook section.)

Enter the plays in the playbook wristband feature of the Coach's Office


You created your plays in the chalkboard and added them to the playbook. Don’t stop there – take them to the iPad! Simply “print” your pages to a PDF, copy the PDF file to Dropbox, and open them on your iPad. (Read instructions in PDF file Print-to-PDF.)


Upload your pages to Hudl for presentations. SlideShow add-on required. (SlideShow Presentations)

Distribute Playbook PDF

Do you need to distribute a digital playbook to your coaches? (Read instructions in PDF file Print-to-PDF.)

Page Templates

Choose from predefined page layout templates for each page or create customized templates in the template builder. In the playbook, add a page, and choose a page layout from the templates. (Tutorials)

SlideShow: Playbook Add-On

With the SlideShow, coaches display plays on a screen or overhead projector. Draw on the plays with colored pen tools. (Learn more)

draw on playbook slides

Learn How to Use Coach's Office

We have extensive playbook video and PDF tutorials to help you get the most out of Coach’s Office.