Create Your Playbook

All the features of the Coach’s Office football playbook are designed to help you create a professional-looking playbook and save you time. Produce your playbook using real word processing, print QB wristbands, and print the book to PDF for electronic distribution.

Table of Contents & Page Layout

The table of contents has chapters and pages. Choose the layout from predefined page templates or create a custom one. Add plays to the playbook that were created in the chalkboard and they size automatically.

Word Processing, Tables, More

The playbook has full word processing features and tables – great for descriptions and instructions. Playbook word processing tools built into football software


Don’t print your quarterback wristbands from a spreadsheet program! You’ve already saved play and formation names in the chalkboard list. Drop them into a wristband table in the playbook.
Enter the plays in the playbook wristband feature of the Coach's Office football software

Distribute Playbook PDF

Do you need to distribute a digital playbook to your coaches? (Read More)