See What Coach's Office Can Do for You

Coach’s Office is a fully-integrated set of tools for football coaches in the NFL, college, high school, and youth programs. It all started over 20 years ago in a casual meeting with an NFL coach, who was drawing play cards by hand. Since that time, it’s been used by Super Bowl teams, National Champions, State Champions, and the #1 ranked  high school team in the nation for two years in a row.

It provides all these features in one comprehensive program.

  • Diagram plays with exclusive drawing tools
  • Produce a professional playbook with a built-in word processor, spell checker, and TOC
  • Print wristbands and call sheets
  • Generate weekly practice scripts and print play or scout cards
  • Distribute a digital PDF playbook
  • Create presentations
  • Interface with Hudl Slideshow
  • Supports 11-man, Canadian 12-man, Arena and leagues – great for coaches at all levels

Draw Plays on Chalkboard

Draw offensive formations and plays, with fronts and coverages and save them for future use in the playbook and script programs. Chalkboard

Multiple tools to draw routes and labels

Draw plays and formations in Coach's Office football software

Draw curves in seconds

Animated football diagram - draw plays

Ranked Number 1 High School In the Nation Two Years In a Row - 2018, 2017

"I have been using Coach's Office since 2006. This software program is the most efficient product that I have seen or used. The Chalkboard, Playbook, and Script sections are very user friendly and have helped our staff tremendously in the areas of time management and productivity."
Coaches Quotes: The Chalkboard, Playbook, and Script are user friendly and have helped our staff in time management and productivity.
Dave Money
OC & QB Coach, Mater Dei H.S., Santa Ana, CA

Create Playbook & Wristbands

Produce a playbook by using real book features: multiple pages and chapters, table of contents, full word processing capabilities, and page templates. You can quickly create and print quarterback wristbands. Plus, print the playbook to a PDF and share with your coaches. Playbook

“Real” book features: TOC, plays, text editing

Playbook table of contents

Select plays & print wristbands

Football playbook QB wristbands

Practice Scripts & Print PlayCards

Save hours of drawing play cards by printing them from your script. It’s easy and fast. You’ve already diagrammed the plays in the chalkboard. Practice Script

Enter script in familiar spreadsheet-type format

football practice script spreadsheet

Preview play card before printing

Preview the play card before printing from practice script football software.

Read what other football coaches are saying about using Coach’s Office software: more productive, better coach, smarter players, cut practice time.

Happy Coaches

Kevin Wilson – Cut our practice prep time by 70%

Coaches Quotes: Coach's Office software cut our practice preparation time by 70%

I started using the drawing, scripting, and practice card features of Coach’s Office in 1997. It cut our practice preparation time by 70%, giving us more time to view video and work with our players.

Kevin Wilson
OC, TE Coach, Ohio State

Germany – Saves time

Coaches Quotes: Coach's Office Football Software Saves Time

We won 28-21 in the last minute of the German Bowl game … our first season using Coach’s Office for the offense, and I know it was a key element in our preparation each week. It saves time and is easy to use!
(American Football Int. 2019 says Coach Rowland is “…an offensive specialist and coached many of Europe’s top players.”)

Lee Rowland
Offensive Coordinator - Hildesheim Invaders, Germany