​We developed Coach’s Office for football coaches at all levels to create their playbook, play cards, wristbands, and scripts. Coaches tell us it increases their productivity and makes them better coaches. Download our free demo, and find out what Coach’s Office can do for you.

Mater Dei H.S. #1 in Nation

Coaches Quotes: The Chalkboard, Playbook, and Script are user friendly and have helped our staff in time management and productivity.

I have been using Coach’s Office since 2006. This software program is the most efficient product that I have seen or used. The Chalkboard, Playbook, and Script Sections are very user friendly and have helped our staff tremendously in the areas of time management and productivity.

Dave Money
OC & QB Coach, Mater Dei H.S., Santa Ana, CA

You will be a better coach

Coaches Quotes: You will be a better football coach

During the season, you can script and get cards drawn in minutes, allowing you to watch that play the 4th or 5th time and really get inside your opponent, as opposed to just seeing it once or twice. Coach’s Office user since 2002.

John Lindley
Linebacker Coach, Hillsdale College, MI

Why Coach’s Office is for you

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What Can Coach's Office Do for You?

Save you time

We can save you a tremendous amount of time in preparation – allowing you to spend more time with your players.

Give you the tools you want

You can create your playbook, QB wristbands, and practice cards all in one integrated program.

Make you better prepared

Be better prepared for your practices and player meetings with a professional playbook, play cards, and slideshow presentations.

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Coach’s Office Pro
Coach’s Office Lite

MS Windows required

Coach's Office Playbook

Create your playbook with real book features: multiple pages and chapters, table of contents, full word processing. Tell me more

Full word processing

Playbook table of contents

Built-in tables for wristbands

Football playbook QB wristbands

Coach's Office Chalkboard: Draw Plays

Easily draw routes and blocks with a large set of drawing tools. Tell me more

Multiple drawing tools

Draw plays and formations in Coach's Office football software

Draw curves in seconds

Easily draw curves with Coach's Office curve tool.

Coach's Office Script

Schedule your practices, review the plays you run, and print play cards. Tell me more

Print play cards from your script

football practice script spreadsheet

Preview before print

Preview the play card before printing from practice script football software.

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