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Coach's Office Football Software

A Leader in Football Software Since 1997
Coach's Office is a leader in providing the best football software tool for coaches. With our advanced system, you can draw your play diagrams in the chalkboard - with dozens of pre-defined routes. Produce a playbook - with a word processor, tables, and an unlimited number of page templates. Print wristbands. Print play cards - right from the practice script. Give presentations - upload images to Hudl or display on an iPad.

Coach's Office supports 11-man & Canadian 12-man football - plus other configurations. The pro version works well for high schools, universities, semi-pro, pro teams. Coaches use the youth edition for Pop Warner and others.

Low Price Youth Edition

Our youth edition football software is great for coaches of young players. Learn more...

I can't say enough about Coach's Office. Take it from me, I'm a "techno-idiot," and I can operate this software. There cannot be a simpler, easier to use program than Coach's Office. It is a great product.

Tony DeMeo ( Coach's Office user since 2013. He has published numerous books and instructional DVDs.


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